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The most glamorous and breathtaking terrace in Gabicce

Imagine stepping onto the roof of the world, with the sky at your fingertips, the breeze on your face, the sea on the horizon, and a breathtaking view of the water and yachts in the harbour. It’s not a daydream; you’re on our Rooftop!

The most beautiful and glamorous terrace in Gabicce, where you can be free to express your personality and share fun and unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Relax a step away from the sky

If you don’t feel like going to the beach but still want to soak up the sun, perhaps reading a good book away from the crowds, just head to the top floor, enjoy the tranquillity of the Rooftop during the day, and choose a peaceful corner just for yourself, where the only annoying noise might be your peaceful snoring!

Sunset reflected in a drink

When the golden hour arrives, this is the most beautiful and romantic place for an aperitif, sipping a drink while watching the sun set on the horizon! Lorenzo will be there waiting for you, ready to pour you a glass of happiness (sometimes even two!) and warm up the atmosphere with the right music.

Good vibes for after dinner

After dinner, the Rooftop transforms into an exclusive open-air club, with a long list of exquisite classic cocktails or Lorenzo’s creative concoctions, nights with DJ sets, and music with an irresistible rhythm that will make it hard to stand still without dancing! A perfect conclusion to the day that accompanies you until midnight.

Dinners, tastings, and events

Could tasty themed dinners, tastings of local products, and events be missing from a special terrace like ours? Absolutely not! And if you want, you can also book the Rooftop for a romantic dinner for two or for a party!

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