Pearl of beauty and fun between Marche and Romagna

An ancient seaside village suspended between the cultural nuances of two regions, Gabicce is a place of natural beauty and tranquillity, rich in emotions waiting to be experienced and new stories to be written.

If you think of small and dull seaside towns that only offer beach and sea, you’ll have to think again: here, the safe and quiet atmosphere does not compromise the vitality of shops, bars, and local venues. The city doesn’t steal space from the nature of Monte San Bartolo, while the proximity to nightlife ensures plenty of entertainment.

Whatever your idea of a vacation, here you can shape and give substance to your desires.


Equipped beaches, free beaches, cool establishments, or child-friendly ones. All sharing one of the most beautiful and unspoiled seas in the area, where the vegetation of Monte San Bartolo protects the small gulf and dives into the blue between sandy shores, cliffs, and spurs. You can stay still or explore nearby beaches like Baia Vallugola or Fiorenzuola di Focara; the amazement will always be the same!

Nature and Sports

Being immersed in the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park means having enchanting paths for trekking, fun trails ideal for mountain biking, and perfect spots for birdwatching. Here, the flora and fauna offer unforgettable shows, as do the panoramas. And for those who love water, there are plenty of water sports to try.


Do you know the legend of Valbruna? In addition to historical traces dating back to Roman and Greek times and evidence of belonging to the Papal State and the Duchy of Urbino, Gabicce has this fabulous and mysterious legend. It tells of the presence of a submerged city in front of Baia Vallugola. A small Antarctica in the Adriatic Sea, which cannot be seen but everyone loves to believe exists.


Can tasting local delicacies be considered a sport? According to us, yes! Tasty marathons among genuine products and delicious wines, visits to local farms, and tastings that are finger-licking good. Discovering a territory also means getting to know its flavours, and here you’ll be spoiled for choice.


From small local venues to the famous clubs of Rimini and Riccione, there are many and varied entertainment venues here. Whether you like dancing outdoors, enjoy beach clubs, or prefer old-fashioned ballrooms, you’ll always be satisfied!

Do you want to know how many other things you can do in Gabicce and its surroundings and learn more about the history and curiosities of the place?