live unconventional
between sky and sea

Welcome to Hotel Majorca

Here, where awakenings are made of the scent of coffee and freshly baked bread, where the sun warms the skin and the sea breeze tousles your hair, but above all, where laughter and fun are a way of life, and feeling good is a reality to savour every day.

A welcoming, informal, and colourful place to be exactly who you want to be. Free to live in flip-flops but also to dress up for rooftop aperitifs, to sleep-in or to rise at dawn to discover the surprise awaiting you at breakfast. To linger in the tranqulility of your room or to let loose to the beat of your favourite song with the DJ set.

Choosing us means breathing deeply and living a new story every day, pampered and welcomed by Nancy and her family, who have been managing Hotel Majorca with passion and love since 1959. Enjoy the most beautiful vacation with the Gabicce harbour as a backdrop, the sea just a stone’s throw away, and everything you need to be happy!


6 am


Seemingly from a novel, yet real! You can find him in the kitchen from dawn, amidst yeast and puffs of flour, like a skilled taste alchemist, ready to give you an unparalleled gastronomic experience.


9 am


With us, the day always starts with a smile and a surprise. Our buffet is never the same as the day before, offering delightful proposals that can win over even the most discerning


12 pm

Lunch Time

Can’t decide at the table? With the buffet formula, you can taste everything you like and choose from fresh and quick dishes, light proposals, and traditional recipes. Easy and tasty, even for the little ones!


6 pm


When the golden hour strikes, Lorenzo awaits you on the rooftop with aperitifs, conversations, and music. Free your glamorous soul and let yourself be captivated by the enchanting view of the Gabicce harbour. The centre of the world is here!


8 pm


Traditional, tasty dishes prepared with love… in a buffet? Absolutely! Here, dinner is a true taste experience, overlooked step by step by Nancy and served with a smile by Luigi and Rita. Finger-licking good!


9 pm

After Dinner

What to do after dinner? Of course, head up to the rooftop for an after-dinner filled with fun! Cocktails, amaro liqueur, DJ sets, and irresistible music await you! Would you like to join us?”


Our Rooms

There are those who go to bed early and those who return at the crack of dawn: no matter which category you belong to, our newly renovated rooms, bright, welcoming, and with modern and colourful design, will cradle your most beautiful dreams.