Family Vacation

Being together is better

Our concept of a family vacation revolves around sharing and finally spending time together, away from the daily routine and frenzy. That’s why we decided not to turn into those noisy family hotels where children are overwhelmed by constant and repetitive animation, and parents, instead of relaxing, are forced to endure shouting and noise.

We like families to enjoy that time together that is scarce during the year, and we let the affiliated beach establishment take care of the entertainment. This allows children to have fun and play but also to spend quality time with their parents once back at the hotel.

This doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about them; on the contrary!

In the room

In the room, you will have cribs and fall protection sides, bathtubs for bathing, toilet reducers, bottle warmers, and pillows against plagiocephaly and suffocation for children under 3 years, provided by Koala Baby Care, an important manufacturing company with which we have an agreement. And if you found them useful after your stay, you can even purchase them and take them home!


Not having entertainment doesn’t mean not having a play area!

We have two, an outdoor one with garden games like slides and playhouses, and an indoor one with constructions, little books, and stuffed animals, in case it rains or is too hot to stay outside. Playing is a serious matter, and we take it very „seriously“, so much so that one evening a week, we dedicate ourselves entirely to them with a special party.

At the table

High chairs and soft cushions, coloured plates and forks, healthy and genuine proposals with the right nutritional value, and the availability to prepare or heat up purees and bottles are always available in the restaurant. Also, the opening hours of the dining room are designed to ensure that even the little ones can have their meal at the most suitable time for them.

For parents

Comforts for those travelling with children are essential, and we have thought of facilitating all parents by offering convenient services such as bicycles with a child seat, strollers, babysitters on request, and an incredible baby monitor to check on the little ones while they sleep soundly. So, you can sip drinks on the Rooftop without worrying about them.

At the beach

The bathing establishments we choose are always child-friendly, so they can find games and entertainment for a fun and active day. Baby dance, large play areas, and talented animators await you!